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Transferring funds is easy with APCI eBanking!



APCI Federal Credit Union members using APCI eBanking can create a unique Member to Member (M2M) Code for one of their share accounts. That Code can be provided to other credit union members in order for them to make transfers to your account.

  • When another APCI Federal Credit Union member uses your M2M Code, they will give your account a nickname exclusive to them, which will be visible in their share transfer list, allowing them to send you money without needing your actual credit union account number.
  • Did you know you can schedule automatic transfers to occur within your credit union accounts? Setup transfers to occur weekly, every two weeks, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

  • A recurring transfer can help you stay on track and not forget to set aside a bit of cash each week, month, or paycheck cycle. You can also set up a recurring transfer to help you fund a custodial account for your children, grandchildren, or a joint account for family budgeting.

View our online APCI eBanking Guide for step-by-step instructions to setup the transfer options of your choice.


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