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Anytime, Anywhere Access to Your Money

APCI Federal Credit Union gives you anytime, anywhere access to your money when you use your ATM Card or Visa® Debit Card. Our cards can be used worldwide to withdraw cash at participating locations displaying these network logos: Allpoint, CO-OPSM, CU$, PLUS and Visa. APCI FCU partners with the STAR and Visa networks to manage all of our ATM and debit transactions.

APCI FCU is not responsible for updating the locations and deposit capabilities listed on these locator tools. Each participating financial institution is responsible for keeping their information updated. These ATM Locators may identify ATMs that are not surcharge-free. Fees may still apply on some machines.


Surcharge-free ATMs are available at over 55,000 locations worldwide. You can find Allpoint ATMs at participating Target, Speedway, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, Kroger, Safeway, Winn Dixie, Circle K, and many other popular retailers. Just look for the Allpoint logo, or use the website locator or mobile app to find the nearest Allpoint ATM.

A surcharge screen may appear on a select group of ATMs within the Allpoint Network. Please note that even when this message appears, the surcharge will not be assessed when using an Allpoint ATM and your APCI Federal Credit Union ATM Card or Visa® Debit Card. Please reference the resources below to locate an Allpoint ATM near you.

Allpoint+ expands Allpoint surcharge-free cash withdrawals to include cash deposits at approximately 1,600 ATMs located in metropolitan areas. To find an Allpoint+ ATM near you, use the Allpoint locator link or Allpoint mobile app above. Look for the Allpoint+ logo displayed prominently on the machine.  

CO-OP Network

With nearly 30,000 locations nationwide, many of which are deposit-taking ATMs, you are never far from your money when you need it with CO-OP Network.

Learn how to locate deposit taking ATMs using the CO-OP Network advanced search feature

  • Mobile
  • Text
    • In place of a phone number text 91989 as the destination
    • In the text message field type the zip code that you would like ATM locations for
    • The locator will text two locations within the zip code that you provided
    • If you reply "More" two additional locations will be sent via text message
  • Call
    • Dial 888-748-3266 to find an ATM location


Access to hundreds of surcharge-free ATMs located throughout the Pennsylvania Credit Union network.


PLUS ATM withdrawals available in areas worldwide. Transactions may be completed where the PLUS/Visa logo is displayed, and some foreign transactions may be restricted to checking account access only. Deposits are accepted in many states through the PLUS Shared Deposit Network.

CO-OP Network

Star ATM Locator


VISA ATM Locator logo

Allpoint Newtwork logo

CU $ Logo

Easily Access Your Money

Watch this video for a quick overview of our ATM locator tool.