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►10/15/19 - November Rates Annoucement: Our Credit Union Pricing Committee met on 10/15/19. As of 11/1/19 at 8:00 am ET, all share and share certificate rates will decrease. All real estate loan rates will decrease, and our unsecured personal loan rates will decrease for a holiday loan promotion. All other loan rates will remain unchanged. Our Home Equity Line of Credit & Fast Cash rates are variable rate programs which may change on the first business day of any month.

►10/1/19 - Look inside our new fall newsletters

►9/28/19 - Credit Union Location - New Update!

►9/13/19 - Mastercard® Cardholders: Effective 10/1/19 there are changes to your Mastercard benefits. For more information about your coverage, please view the new Mastercard Guide to Benefits Brochure.


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