Fee Schedule

Effective Date: January 1, 2021
Account Related Fees1
Account Reconciliation and/or Research:
per hour $35 minimum charge
ATM Deposit Correction Fee:
member and non-member
ATM or Visa® Debit Card Replacement $5.00
ATM Withdrawal:
per ATM withdrawal in excess of 15 per month
Bad Address/Unlocated Member:
per month until valid address is provided
Cashier's Check/Check Copy:
payable to 3rd party
Certified Share Draft $5.00
Declaration of Loss of Cashier's Check $20.00
Dormant Account:
per month after 24 months of inactivity
Foreign Check Deposit:
per check
IRA Transfer:
outgoing to another Financial Institution
Loan Modification Agreement:
excludes Refinanced Mortgage Loan Products
Loan Modification Agreement:
Refinanced Mortgage Loan Products
Loan Modification Agreement: Refinanced Mortgage Loan Products (2nd Tier) $1,500.00
NSF Item:
non-sufficient funds share draft or ACH debit (for each presentment)2
Returned Deposit Item $15.00
Share Draft Copy3 $5.00
Statement Copy:
per statement (up to 7 copies)4
Stop Payment:
ACH debit
Stop Payment:
block of share drafts5
Stop Payment:
share draft5
Temporary Checks / sheet of four checks:
other than account opening
Visa® Debit Card Receipt Copy $20.00
Miscellaneous Fees1
Federal Express Overnight Saturday $30.00
Federal Express Overnight Weekday $20.00
Legal Process Fees:
plus attorney fees
Subordination Agreement $250.00
Tax Levy Fee $50.00
Visa® Gift Card $2.50
Visa® Travel EMV Card $5.50
Wire Transfer - Incoming:
domestic & international
No charge
Wire Transfer - Outgoing:
domestic only

All fees subject to change.
2 For each time a check, ACH or debit transfer request (and any other type of item) is presented, or payment is otherwise requested. (Note: a single check or ACH debit may be presented multiple times.)

3 No charge if processed through APCIRCUIT® PC Home Banking Service.
4 Beyond 7 copies the fee is applied as account research at a minimum rate of $35 per hour.
5 No charge if processed through APCI eTalk or APCIRCUIT® PC Home Banking Service.
6 Check required from other lender/closing agent payable to APCI FCU.


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