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APCI eBanking Security Statement

Member Security

For the member's protection of confidential data, we employ several forms of security.

  • Members are required to create and enter a unique APCI eBanking username and password.

    • APCI eBanking Password Rules

      • Must be between 8 and 20 characters in length and can include special characters.

      • Cannot use your previous three passwords

      • Cannot match or include your APCI eBanking Username.

      • Do not use obvious passwords such as your birth date or family members' names.

      • Do not give your login information to anyone. If you must write your APCI eBanking username or password down, keep it somewhere safe, like a locked drawer. Do not keep this type of information in a vulnerable place, such as your wallet. Do not write down what the username or password is for.

APCI eBanking has a robust Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution that delivers a one-time passcode that is sent to members via an email, text, voice call or as a generated code via the call center. Members can also receive MFA via device identity using true “Push Authentication” and timed “one-time pass codes” with Google Authenticator. APCI eBanking has ThreatMetrix integration that allows authentication of members across all device channels. ThreatMetrix recognizes good, returning members by piecing together their digital identity information from the complex digital DNA created as users transact online. High-risk behavior can be pinpointed in real-time, whether at new account applications, logins or payments. This effectively reduces friction for members by quickly and easily authenticating them and preventing “bad actors” from accessing the system.

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