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The Security behind APCI eBanking



ThreatMetrix Digital DNA is the powerhouse tool behind the scenes of APCI eBanking to help identify and block Fraudsters with greater accuracy. It delivers a more simple and quick secure login experience to legitimate APCI eBanking users. Intelligence from its Digital Identity Network is used to transform the ways in which users conduct online banking to ensure their information stays private and protected, but with more ease when logging in to their accounts.

  • ThreatMetrix detects bot attacks and analyzes user behavior during periods of normal operation and compares such data to that gathered during an attack. It differentiates between humans and bots the moment they login and its Malware Protection helps mitigate risk and protect our systems from a variety of hacking attempts.

  • Device Fingerprinting, True Location Detection and Device Tampering Detection are used to make sure a trusted device is logging into the system. If it cannot determine if a device is trusted, you will be prompted for additional authentication.

  • Personally configurable Two-Factor Authentication and account lockout controls have been developed to provide both flexibility and security for members.

The APCI eBanking platform integrates the latest in security and process to ensure member registration, login, and access are securely managed.


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