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Member Spotlight - Tina G. & Jenny D.



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As we celebrate our milestone anniversary, we wanted to share member stories about how APCI FCU has impacted them. We are proud to serve our members across the country and provide them with banking solutions for their everyday needs. 

Members' Credit Union Story


Tina G.

Air Products Employee

Current City and State: Allentown, PA

Years of Membership: 27


Tina joined APCI FCU when she first started working at Air Products and feels the personal service of the staff is the top benefit of membership. There are now four Credit Union members in her family. Here is her Credit Union story:

“When I first started at Air Products, I didn't know what a Credit Union was. My father was the one who encouraged me to join because of all the benefits. I also liked that I could have my paychecks automatically deposited into my account. The service of the Credit Union staff is the main reason why I don't want to leave. I have never had bad service. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I have used the CU for many different things over the years.”

Tina also shared a specific story about obtaining a loan:

“My husband and I needed to purchase a vehicle unexpectedly and weren't sure if we were going to be able to get a loan on time to close the deal. I submitted the request online and before I knew it, we were already approved and able to move quickly on getting the vehicle.”


Jenny D.

Current City and State: Midlothian, TX
Years of Membership: 13


Q. What was your deciding factor in joining the Credit Union?         

A. Information learned at a Credit Union site visit, event or webinar.


Q. What would you say is the #1 benefit of being a Credit Union member?
A. Personal service of Credit Union staff.

Q. How many of your eligible immediate family and household are Credit Union members?
A. One. A custodial account for a minor opened over 10 years ago.

Q. What type of situation or interaction have you experienced during which the Credit Union, or a Credit Union employee, provided service that made a significant positive impact for you or your family.
A.  I love having the option to split my savings as I want. Currently, I have an alternate account that I can save money in separately from my main account. But my favorite part of my account is knowing a live person is just a phone call away to help me with whatever I may need!


Do you want to be featured in our member spotlight? Share your story with us.   

Thank you for being a part of our great 70-year history. We look forward to many more years as we serve you, our member.

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