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Member Spotlight - Richard & Betty T.



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As we celebrate our milestone anniversary, we wanted to share member stories about how APCI FCU has impacted them. We are proud to serve our members across the country and provide them with banking solutions for their everyday needs. 

Members' Credit Union Story


Richard & Betty T.Member Spotlight Family standing on steps

Retired Member

Current City and State: Riverside, CA

Years of Membership: 42


Richard began employment at Air Products in 1982. When Richard and Betty welcomed their first child the following year, they quickly realized that their current vehicle did not provide sufficient space for a growing family. The vehicle loan options, terms and rates were a deciding factor for them joining the Credit Union. In the years since, several vehicles have been financed through APCI FCU and both of their now adult sons are members as well. Betty also relayed to us:

I have always had a personal connection with the employees. I have always been on a first name basis with the ladies in the Member Services and Lending departments. When our 2 sons became members, I told them to call and ask for Donna or Karen. APCI FCU has treated us like family from day one. We continue to receive the same treatment from Prentice and other associates today.

Prior to a teaching career I was in credit management, and we learned the value of keeping our creditors close and paying off loans early and successfully. Richard and both of our sons are proud to be part of the APCI FCU family and continue to look to them for our financial needs. We know we are in good hands and that we are with family of 40+ years.”

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Thank you for being a part of our great 70-year history. We look forward to many more years as we serve you, our member.

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