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Member Spotlight - Patty M. & William D.



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As we celebrate our milestone anniversary, we wanted to share member stories about how APCI FCU has impacted them. We are proud to serve our members across the country and provide them with banking solutions for their everyday needs. 

Members' Credit Union Story


Patty M.

Air Products Employee
Current City and State: Slidell, LA
Years of Membership: 36



Patty joined APCI FCU based on the recommendation of her Air Products coworkers in New Orleans and feels that the personal service of the Credit Union staff is the number one benefit of membership. Below is her vehicle loan story.

“I was buying a new vehicle. I had financed it through another financial institution. I approached the Credit Union to see if I could get a better rate, and I was approved! The loan from the Credit Union helped me decrease my payment by $30 per month, but more importantly, it decreased the term of the loan by one year.”


William D.

Air Products Employee
Current City and State: St. Louis, MO
Years of Membership: 15



Q. What was your deciding factor in joining the Credit Union?

A. Information learned during a Credit Union site visit.

Q. How many of your eligible immediate family and household are Credit Union members?

A. 5

Q. What would you say is the #1 benefit of being a Credit Union member?

A. Convenience – Digital Services.

Q. What type of situation or interaction have you experienced during which the Credit Union, or a Credit Union employee, provided service that made a significant positive impact for you or your family. 

A.  Remaining a source of financial support throughout career transitions or transfers. It has helped a lot that I can do everything remotely rather than having to find a local branch office for my financial needs. Being able to use any ATM that is part of the CO-OP and other participating networks has saved me so much money in fees!


Do you want to be featured in our member spotlight? Share your story with us.   

Thank you for being a part of our great 70-year history. We look forward to many more years as we serve you, our member.

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