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Account Protection Tips



If you have experienced questionable activity on your credit union account, here are some suggested actions within APCI eBanking you can take to stay on top of your account activity.

  • Change your username and password login credentials for APCI eBanking – use something new that is not used as a username/password on any other sites
  • Delete unrecognized devices from APCI eBanking: Settings > Security > Devices
  • Use all authentication options: Settings > Security > Authentication
  • Validate personal information - email, phone, address - to ensure it has not been changed/redirected: Settings > Profile
  • Sign up for all available account transaction alerts and card alerts and controls: APCI eAlerts > Subscription Alerts > Accounts and Cards options
  • Ensure you have the required security alerts directed to your preferred email/SMS/push notification method
  • Keep cards locked when not in use: Card Services > switch toggle to “Card is Locked”
  • Review account and card transactions for potentially fraudulent activity; report cards as lost/stolen if needed: Card Services > Report Card Lost/Stolen

APCI FCU is here for you. If you notice anything suspicious on your account, please give us a call at 800-821-5104.

Visit our Security and Fraud page for more information. 


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