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ATM Card

  • May be issued to accounts with Primary Share access only
  • Allows cash withdrawals1 from Primary Share Savings, Share Draft Checking or Fast Cash Line of Credit at ATM machines that display the Allpoint, Star®, PLUS® or CO-OP® logos
    • Cash withdrawal limit is $600 per day
  • Enables point of sale (PIN generated) purchases from Share Draft Checking2 at merchants displaying the STAR, PLUS and CO-OP logos
    • Point of sale limit is $300 per day
    • Cash back option available with point of sale transactions

1 $1.00 ATM usage fee will post with withdrawals numbering more than 15 in one month. A surcharge may be imposed by ATM owners for withdrawals at their machine.
2 Funds must be fully available in the Share Draft Checking Account at time of purchase.

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