Electronic Notifications - APCI eAlerts

APCI eAlerts are account notifications which are available electronically when certain events occur within your account. They are quick, free and convenient.

APCI eAlert options include Event Alerts, Balance Alerts, Transaction Alerts, Item Alerts, Security Alerts, and Personal Alerts. You can choose to receive eAlerts by email, text or upon APCIRCUIT® PC Home Banking Service log in.

Log in to APCIRCUIT® PC Home Banking Service and select the “Settings” tab followed by the "eAlerts" option. You can then select your desired notifications under eAlerts, and complete your desired notification preferences by adding your email address and/or mobile phone number. Select “Submit” to activate your eAlerts.

Yes. eAlerts are sent to you as a courtesy and paper alerts will still be sent for items such as a Delinquent Loan notices, NSF notices and Share Certificate maturity and renewal notices.

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