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APCI eAlerts

APCI eAlerts are notifications which are available electronically when certain events that you specify occur within your account. Manage your accounts faster and avoid possible fees by setting up APCI eAlerts.


APCI eAlert Subscription Alert Options


Account Alerts:

  • Balance Alerts: Account balance fall below or exceed your set threshold
  • Balance Summary Alerts: Daily or weekly snapshot of your account balance
  • Check Cleared Alerts: Checks cleared from your Share Draft
  • Loan Due Alerts: Loan payment due date reminder
  • Login Alerts: Notification for APCI eBanking login
  • Transaction Alerts: Notification for account deposit or withdrawals
  • Transfer Alerts: Notification for account internal transfers

Card Alerts:

  • Transactions: when your card is used in-store Internationally
  • Merchant: when your card is used at a specific merchant or channel (in-store, eCommerce, ATM)
  • Spending Limits: when your card use exceeds specific transaction, or monthly spend limits


APCI eAlert Security Alert:

  • In order to protect your financial security, you will be alerted if suspicious activity takes place on your account.
  • Security Alerts cannot be completely disabled.


Receive your APCI eAlerts Through the Following Options:


  • Email
  • Text
  • Push Notification 
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