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Serving Members for 70 Years

APCI Federal Credit Union (APCI FCU) is a non-profit financial cooperative that has serviced our members since 1954. We have a staff of 50+, with over 500 years of combined credit union experience.

As banks implement new fees or raise existing account charges, APCI FCU's value proposition continues to grow stronger. APCI FCU has banking solutions for your everyday needs that offer:

  • Flexibility - APCI FCU offers products and services to meet varying member needs, including dividend-bearing savings and checking accounts, IRA accounts, debit and credit cards, vehicle, real estate, and personal loans, and electronic banking services.
  • Low/No Fees - Enjoy low to no account fees, including no monthly debit card fee, no monthly checking account fee, no per check charges and no minimum balance required on our checking account.
  • Convenience - APCI FCU members have access to several surcharge-free ATM networks across the country - meaning access to thousands of ATMs nationwide. Plus, enjoy the convenience of our APCI eCU suite of electronic banking services.
  • Great Rates - APCI FCU offers competitive, and often among the best, savings and loan rates.
  • Safety and Trust - APCI FCU's conservative business model has delivered consistently strong financial results. Deposits in APCI FCU are federally insured through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and are protected to the same extent bank deposits are protected through the FDIC.


Our History

Our history began in 1954 when APCI Federal Credit Union (APCI FCU) was formed by eight people and $40 in assets. APCI FCU is a federally chartered and insured credit union that was established to serve Air Products employees that worked in Allentown and Emmaus, Pennsylvania and their immediate families.

APCI FCU reached $1 million in assets by 1971 and $100 million in assets by 1995. Throughout the years our membership base expanded and by 2008 APCI FCU was able to serve employees of Air Products and select Air Products subsidiaries and members of their immediate family and household throughout the entire United States. In 2017, APCI FCU opened membership to employees of Versum Materials and members of their immediate family and household.

APCI FCU is located in Allentown, PA near Air Products corporate headquarters and our staff currently serves more than 19,000 members with over $600 million in assets. Today we have members in all 50 states, and many of our members reside outside of our geographic location with concentrations in Texas, Louisiana, and California.

Our Mission

  • Serve as our members' Primary Financial Institution by providing a wide array of financial products and services at attractive prices that meet our members' needs and expectations
  • Deliver our products and services on a professional and consistent basis and in a responsive, convenient manner
  • Operate in a financially sound and competitive manner to ensure long term financial strength while safeguarding members' deposits
  • Provide information that helps educate our members in making informed financial decisions


Board of Directors

Gregory Weigard Board Chairperson
Ami Johnson Board Vice Chairperson
Karen Harwick Board Treasurer
Robin Lysek Board Secretary
Kanak Laliwala Board Member
Sidd Manjeshwar Board Member
Duncan Meldrum Board Member
Ann Padjen Board Member
Linda Poluch Board Member

Supervisory Committee

Linda Poluch Supervisory Committee Chairperson
Vicky Howe Supervisory Committee Member
Kathleen Kaufmann Supervisory Committee Member
Doreen Wynn Supervisory Committee Member

Leadership Team

Gina Fili President & Chief Executive Officer
Jennifer Thomas Chief Financial Officer
Karyn Reppert Chief Compliance & Lending Officer
John Jeffries Chief Marketing & Retail Delivery Officer
Kristen Breininger Director of eCommerce
Veliano Feliciano Director of Compliance & Risk
Dylan Finelli Director of Projects & Operations
Lori Floyd Director of Marketing
Curtis Kemmerer Controller
Jack McLaine Director of Information Technology
Madelaine Motolese Member Services Manager
Prentice Sanderson Loan Services Manager

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