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If you apply online, APCI Federal Credit Union now offers 24/7 email response within 30 minutes or less; know your vehicle loan financing is pre-approved anytime you need it1
APCI eMobile Users: due to mandated changes, it is necessary to use a supported operating system (OS) for your mobile device or you may have difficulty accessing the app...learn more.
This spring we are happy to introduce a simplified design and flow to our Online Applications Center website, making the application process easier for you. You can now submit a membership application from your tablet or mobile phone in minutes!

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June Rates

Our Credit Union Pricing Committee met on 5/22/18. As of 6/1/18 at 8:00 am ET, our refinance mortgage rates will increase. Special promotional rates for our 18-month share certificate and personal unsecured loans will be introduced. All other share, share certificate, and loan rates will remain unchanged. Please note that our Home Equity Line of Credit & Fast Cash rates are variable rate programs which may change on the first business day of any month.