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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about membership, or a product or service? Please select from the categories below to find answers to many commonly asked questions.

Yes, in fact this is the recommended first step in achieving the best deal...    [Read More]
The answer depends on the amount of equity available in your home. At APCI...    [Read More]
Yes, if our interest rate is lower than the interest rate you are paying on...    [Read More]
If you have built up equity in your home, you may choose to refinance your mortgage...    [Read More]
We do not offer purchase mortgage loans. However, we do offer Mortgage...    [Read More]
We offer a suite of real estate loans including Mortgages Refinance, Fixed...    [Read More]
APCI FCU does not offer financing on rental or any business type real estate...    [Read More]
The Credit Union does not offer Student Loans, but we do offer alternative ways...    [Read More]
We do not escrow taxes or insurance premiums on any real estate secured loa...    [Read More]
We do not sell our mortgages. When you refinance your home with APCI FCU, your...    [Read More]
We offer three easy ways for you to apply. Please visit our Loan Application...    [Read More]
A HELOC is a real estate loan secured by your primary or second (non business)...    [Read More]
Yes, we can provide a loan secured by your personal auto, truck, or motorcycle...    [Read More]
There is a one-time processing fee of $575 due at the time of disbursal. This...    [Read More]
A Signature Loan is a personal, unsecured loan. We offer two term options...    [Read More]
A Home Equity Loan has a fixed term, a fixed rate and a fixed amount. A...    [Read More]
The maximum amount available for an APCI FCU Mortgage Refinance Loan is...    [Read More]