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Frequently Asked Questions

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Online Banking - APCIRCUIT®
Yes. After logging in to APCIRCUIT® PC Home Banking Service select the "Settings" tab....    [Read More]
We have partnered with Quicken and you are able to download account activity...    [Read More]
Yes, when scheduling transfers between personal accounts in APCIRCUIT®,...    [Read More]
Yes, a one-time transfer of funds to another account number can be completed...    [Read More]
To self-enroll in APCIRCUIT® PC Home Banking Service, click here. Review...    [Read More]
After logging in to APCIRCUIT®, select “Settings” followed by...    [Read More]
When transferring funds to another member’s account, they will only see...    [Read More]
Must be between 8 and 20 characters in length. Must not repeat the same...    [Read More]
Contact the Credit Union at 800-821-5104 to confirm that your existing information...    [Read More]
You can log in to APCIRCUIT® through our website homepage at apcifcu.or...    [Read More]
Yes. One of the security features within APCIRCUIT® will prompt you to change...    [Read More]