Online Security

Debit Card Safety

Debit cards are great for helping you stick to your budget and steer clear of debt. However, they may not provide the best protection for certain purchases, and credit cards can be a better choice in vulnerable situations.

When fraud occurs on your credit card, it does not immediately affect your Credit Union account balance. But when fraud occurs on your debit card, the funds are not available for use until the fraud is reported and a claim is opened.

Here are four scenarios to carefully consider before using your debit card.

  • At the pump: Card skimmers at gas stations are on the rise, and gas stations are not yet required to use the more secure chip technology at their pumps.
  • At an isolated ATM: Isolated ATMs in locations with very little security and sparse foot traffic are prime targets for hackers. Make sure any ATM you are using is well-lit, and nobody is looking over your shoulder.
  • For large purchases: If you’re springing for a big-ticket item, it may be wise to use your credit card. Credit cards will offer you increased protection against fraud in case the purchase doesn’t turn out as you expected.
  • If you are shopping online: EMV chip technology is not used for online purchases, therefore increasing the risk of fraud and exposing your Credit Union account balance when using a debit card. Credit cards may be your safest option when buying online to protect your Credit Union account balance.


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