Next Steps

A government-issued photo ID and proof of income are required for all borrowers.

Please reference the following information before starting your application.

Apply Online

  • APCIRCUIT® PC Home Banking Service users: log in to APCIRCUIT > Applications Ctr > Start a new application > Credit Card
  • Non-APCIRCUIT users: visit our APCI eLoan Online Applications Center > Apply for a Loan > Credit Card

Apply Using Printable PDF Application

To meet Federal compliance guidelines, please complete, print, sign and date the application and return to APCI Federal Credit Union.

Mail: PO Box 20147 · Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-0147

Fax:  484-842-0847

We discourage emailing forms since this is not a secure channel of communication.

Apply by Phone

  • To apply for a Mastercard Credit Card by phone, call Any Hour Loan by Phone at 888-316-5626.
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