Our Mastercard does not have an annual fee, a balance transfer fee, a cash advance fee or a late payment fee. There is a small fee related to foreign transactions.

If your card is expiring soon, you can expect to receive a new card by the third week of the month that it expires. Your current card is valid through the last day of the month that it expires.

In order to request a credit limit increase for your Mastercard® Plus, please complete a new Mastercard Credit Card Application. Visit our Mastercard Plus Next Steps page for more information on how to apply.

Your card has a personal identification number (PIN) in order to provide you with enhanced security features. By entering your PIN, you are validating that you are the authorized user of the card.

Yes, all cardholders can select their own PIN. The primary cardholder's information is used to authenticate the caller. You will identify which cardholder you are by entering your first name into the telephone keypad. You will then be prompted to select your unique PIN. If you do not know the primary cardholder's date of birth (mm/yy), zip code or 3-digit security code, the system will be unable to authenticate the caller and will not transfer you to a representative due to security reasons. You will need to call back once you have the required information in hand.

To change your PIN, please call 888-886-0083. Be prepared with the primary cardholder's date of birth (mm/yy), zip code, and 3-digit security code from the back signature panel of the card. We encourage you to change the PIN to something easy to remember but difficult for others to identify.

Please call 888-886-0083 in order to reset your Mastercard credit card PIN.

If your APCI FCU Mastercard is lost or stolen, please call our 24 hour hotline at 800-449-7728.

APCI eCard gives the APCI FCU debit and/or credit cardholder the ability to view their transaction activity, submit a travel notification, or status their card locked or unlocked. A credit cardholder can also make a payment and view their payment history.

If you are unsure, the safest approach is to call the customer service number on the back of your card. This team of representatives is available 24/7 for your convenience. You may also contact the Credit Union office during normal business hours to verify your information. Keep in mind these few points when answering or returning such a call:

  • A legitimate fraud representative will never ask for your social security number or your full credit card account number.
  • You may also go online to your account and check for any recent unusual activity.

Yes, cardholders are eligible to receive reimbursement for repair or replacement of a rented automobile as a result of damage or loss to the rented automobile up to $50,000. Please see the Auto Rental Loss Damage Waiver and Travel Accident & Baggage Delay Insurance Disclosure for full details.

Each foreign currency transaction in US dollars has a fee of 1% and each US dollar transaction that occurs in a foreign country has a fee of 0.8%.

No, our Mastercard® Credit Cards and Visa® Debit Cards are contact smart cards that require you to insert the card for identification purposes. The chip must make contact with the card reader to retrieve personal information and make secure payments. Therefore, our cards cannot be scanned from a distance. 



Mastercard Consumer Alerts are custom account notifications which are available electronically by text or email when certain events occur within your Mastercard account. These alerts help to protect you from fraud by putting you in control of your account information.

With Mastercard Consumer Alerts, know when:

  • Purchases are made over a selected amount
  • A purchase is made without your card being present
  • International purchases occur
  • A transaction is declined

Please visit the Mastercard Plus Registration page to review your options and register for Mastercard Consumer Alerts.

Yes. Mastercard and Visa have required US issuers to participate in its account updater services – Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater (MABU) and Visa Account Updater (VAU).


No. Merchants are not required to participate in this service. Because of this, it is recommended that cardholders continue to contact all merchants that they have recurring payments established with when card information changes.

Yes. If you are a Mastercard Credit Cardholder or Visa Debit Cardholder and would like to elect not to participate in these services, please fill out the Status Change Form for Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater (MABU) and Visa Account Updater (VAU). If you opt out of this service, you will need to provide each merchant with your updated account information.

If you have recurring payments set up with a specific merchant(s) on an account and the account information changes due to a card reissue, or lost card, those recurring transactions will not continue to process as normal. You will need to provide each merchant with your updated account information.

The file is sent nightly; however, how quickly a merchant receives the updated account information depends on how quickly the merchant updates their records.

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