Next Steps

To initiate any of the following actions for a Traditional or Roth IRA, please contact us. IRA documents can now be signed with an electronic signature, making our processes more efficient and secure.

  • IRA Simplifier: to establish an IRA on your Credit Union Account for which you are primary owner
  • IRA Contribution: to contribute, transfer, or rollover to your established IRA with the Credit Union

  • IRA Contribution Eligibility: to determine the eligibility of a contribution

  • IRA Transfer Request: to initiate an IRA transfer from another IRA custodian to your IRA at the Credit Union

  • IRA Designation of Beneficiary: to designate or change beneficiary options on your IRA with the Credit Union

  • IRA Withdrawal Authorization: to withdrawal from your IRA

  • IRA Share Certificate Purchase: to transfer funds from existing IRA Shares at the Credit Union to an IRA Share Certificate

For further information, please call 800-821-5104.

  • Al Kauffman, Certified IRA Professional at ext. 6840


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