Earn More for Your Retirement

Funds in a Traditional or Roth IRA Share earn dividends; however, if you move your funds into an IRA Share Certificate, you can earn more based on the term that you choose. If you have a Traditional IRA, penalties for early withdrawal are waived if you are of age to take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), which is 72. Those of at least age 59½, but not RMD age, may withdraw accumulated dividends without penalty.


Traditional IRA account holders may need to leave some funds in the IRA Share if they are not of RMD age and anticipate needing to access more than their accumulated dividends. Doing this would keep them from receiving an early withdrawal penalty. Keep in mind there is no RMD with Roth IRAs.

If you would like to transfer funds into an IRA Share Certificate, please call 800-821-5104 and press 5. View our current Share Certificate rates.

Penalties for early withdrawal could reduce earnings.

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