Next Steps

A government-issued photo ID and proof of income are required for all borrowers.

Please reference the following information before starting your application.


Apply Online

  • APCIRCUIT® PC Home Banking Service users: log in to APCIRCUIT > Applications Ctr > Start a new application > Personal Loan
  • Non-APCIRCUIT users: visit our APCI eLoan Online Applications Center > Apply for a Loan > Personal Loan

Apply Using Printable PDF Application

To meet Federal compliance guidelines, please complete, print, sign and date the application and return to APCI Federal Credit Union.

Completed forms should be returned to APCI Federal Credit Union.

Mail: PO Box 20147 · Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-0147

Fax:  484-842-0847

We discourage emailing forms since this is not a secure channel of communication.

Apply by Phone

  • To apply for Fast Cash Line of Credit by phone, call Any Hour Loan by Phone at 888-316-5626.
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