How To Stop a Subscription



If you want to stop a subscription you’re enrolled in:


First, contact the company that runs the subscription you want to cancel. If the company has instructions on how to cancel, follow those. Keep a copy of your cancellation request, along with notes about any conversations you had and how and when you canceled.


Watch your financial institution or credit card statements. Check for charges on your debit or credit card after you cancel the subscription. If a company won’t stop charging your account after you’ve tried to cancel a subscription, file a dispute (also called a “chargeback”) with your credit or debit card.

  • Online: Log onto your credit or debit card online account and go through the dispute process. If you haven’t set up an account with your credit or debit card company, check out the company’s website to find out how to file a dispute.
  • By phone: Call the phone number on the back of your card and tell the company why you’re filing a dispute.


Follow up with a letter to your credit or debit card company. To protect any rights you may have, follow up in writing by sending a letter to the address listed for billing disputes or errors. It’s a good idea to send your letter by certified mail and ask for a return receipt so you have proof of what the creditor received.


Save your records. Keep any letters, notes, or emails related to the scam — they could help prove you’re entitled to a refund if the credit or debit card company has any questions.


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