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Yes, a one-time transfer of funds to another account number can be completed in APCIRCUIT PC Home Banking Service. After logging in click "Services" and then select "Continue" after the Transfer to Any APCI FCU Account listing on the page. You will need the six-digit account number of the member and the first three characters of the primary account holder's last name that you would like to send the funds to. To establish a recurring transfer to an account number that you are not linked to (your name is not on their account), please contact the Credit Union at 800-821-5104.

For instructions on how to self-enroll in APCIRCUIT PC Home Banking Service, please visit our APCIRCUIT Next Steps page.

Contact the Credit Union at 800-821-5104 to confirm that your existing information is accurate before trying to self-enroll again.

You can log in to APCIRCUIT from the top of any page on our website. 

Yes. After logging in to APCIRCUIT PC Home Banking Service select the "Settings" tab. This will bring you to the Modify Personal Settings page which will allow you to modify and/or change your APCIRCUIT ID and APCIRCUIT password at any time. Requirements for both your ID and password are displayed in the system.

  • Must be between 8 and 20 characters in length.
  • Must not repeat the same characters more than two times.
  • May contain:  ! ” # $ % & ( * ) + , - / ; < = > ? [ \ ] ^ _ ’ { | } ”
  • Cannot use your previous 3 passwords.
  • Must contain 2 non-alpha characters.
  • Cannot match or include your APCIRCUIT ID

Yes. One of the security features within APCIRCUIT will prompt you to change your password yearly.

Yes, when scheduling transfers between personal accounts in APCIRCUIT, you have the option to transfer funds one-time or recurring. To set up a recurring transfer to an account number that you are not linked to (your name is not on their account), please contact the Credit Union at 800-821-5104.

When transferring funds to another member’s account, they will only see your account number as the sender of the funds. They will NOT be able to view any of your account activity, balances or account information. 

  • Under the “My Accounts” widget heading click the “Configure My Accounts” gear.
  • The “Configure My Accounts” box will appear.
  • Drag and drop or use the (+) to add accounts to your view or (-) to remove them.
  • Drag and drop the order accounts will appear.
  • Click the “Save” button to make the changes go into effect.

After logging in to APCIRCUIT, select “Settings” followed by “Account.” You will then be able to enter pseudo (nickname) names that are up to 16 characters long. Click “Submit” to save your changes.

We have partnered with Quicken and you are able to download account activity to this software. You can also download account activity into Quick Books, Mint and MS Money Manager however; APCI FCU does not support these download options.

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