Your Credit Union Story

Thank you for joining us in celebrating our 65th anniversary. Without you, our members, our ongoing journey would not be possible. Please take a moment to meet some of our current members, as they share their Credit Union story.

Have we have helped your family through the generations, provided exceptional service, saved you time or money, or assisted you through difficult times? We would love to hear from you! Please share your story with us.




Steven B.

31 Years of Membership


Steven cites many reasons for becoming a Credit Union member, including share savings, share draft checking, and share certificate products and rates, as well as our vehicle loan, real estate loan, and Mastercard® products and rates. He enjoys the convenience of our location and APCIRCUIT®, APCI PAY®, APCI eMobile, and APCI eDeposit. His wife and daughter are also Credit Union members.

In Steven’s words, “Whether it is a question regarding financial services or products, the Credit Union staff is professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. Employees like Ann Marie, Felicia, Debbie, Laura, Rick, and so many others are always there when I need them. Trust is everything in a financial institution, and I trust the leadership and staff of the APCI Federal Credit Union. There is no other place I would rather bank.”




David K.

Less than 1 Year of Membership


David was encouraged to join the Credit Union by an immediate family member. He, along with his spouse, attended one of our Member Events held in their local area. David joined while at the event based on information learned, as well as our rates for share savings, share draft checking, share certificates, and IRAs.

David stated, “At the November APCI FCU open house, the APCI Federal Credit Union staff were all very informative and helpful. I decided to join based on the friendliness and willingness to help me with my decision of how to handle my IRA funds.”




Scott G.

30 Years of Membership


Scott, who is now retired from Air Products, joined APCI FCU as an Air Products employee for the loan rates and convenience of our location. Over the years, he has taken advantage of our low auto loan rates several times, and we even helped him upgrade his kitchen with a home equity loan. Scott describes the APCI FCU loan experience as “top-notch.” Over the years, three additional eligible family members have joined APCI FCU also.

Scott feels the number one benefit of membership is the personal service provided and shares that the “Credit Union has always done a great job with car loans, home equity loans, Mastercard, share accounts, and other member services. Always friendly and helpful. Keep up the good work.”




Donna M.

8 Years of Membership


Donna was encouraged to join APCI FCU by Air Products co-workers and convinced by all our share and loan products and rates, as well as the convenience of our location and electronic services. After becoming a member, her spouse and two children joined as well.

Donna quickly discovered APCI FCU’s mortgage and auto loan rates were lower than those of the lender she was using at the time and was able to save a substantial amount of money by refinancing both. Donna told us, “The process was very smooth, and working with the Credit Union employees was a pleasure. Anytime I go to the Credit Union with a teller transaction or questions, there is always a smiling face to greet me, which is very nice and personal.”




Sharon H.

30 Years of Membership

Sharon first joined APCI FCU because of the convenient location. She feels that the personal service of the Credit Union staff is the number one benefit of membership, and she has three children who also became members.

Sharon states, “There is definitely something to be said for working with a banking institution that knows its customers. Many years ago, I was going through a difficult divorce and needed the assistance of the credit union with some money issues. They really stepped up to the plate and went above and beyond to help me out of a tight spot. I never forgot that! I feel like at a "big bank" they would have just bypassed my needs because they just look at the numbers. Thank you for all you do for your members.”

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