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APCI eAlerts

APCI eAlerts are account notifications which are available electronically when certain events, which you specify, occur within your account. These notices also allow you to manage your accounts faster and avoid possible fees.

How are APCI eAlerts received?
You can select the electronic option(s) that are most convenient for you including:

  • Upon login to APCIRCUIT® PC Home Banking Service
  • Email
  • Text

What eAlerts are available?

  • Events: receive an eAlert when any of the following occurs: maturing certificate, expired transfer, insufficient funds, incoming ACH credit, mailing address change, expiring transfer, failed transfer, statement, and loan payment due
  • Balance: receive an eAlert when your balance goes above or below a specified amount
  • Transaction: receive an eAlert when a debit transaction is posted for an amount over a specified dollar amount
  • Item: receive an eAlert when an item number clears a specified account
  • Security: receive an eAlert when any of the following occurs: invalid login, ID change, successful login, and password change
  • Personal: receive an eAlert on a specific date with an alert message of your choice

How do I self-enroll for eAlerts?

  • Log in to APCIRCUIT PC Home Banking Service and select the Settings tab followed by the eAlerts option
  • Select your desired notifications under eAlerts Listing
  • Complete your notification preferences under eAlerts Settings by adding your email address(s) and/or mobile phone number(s)
  • Select the Submit button to begin receiving eAlerts*

* APCI eAlerts are sent to you as a courtesy and paper alerts will still be sent for items such as a Delinquent Loan notices, NSF notices and Share Certificate maturity and renewal notices. To receive APCI eAlerts you need to ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements.

Are there alerts options for my APCI FCU credit and debit card(s)?

Yes, whether by text message or email, Mastercard® Plus Consumer Alerts and Visa® Purchase Alerts can help to protect you from fraud by putting you in control of your account information. Learn More and Enroll Today!

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