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APCIRCUIT® PC Home Banking Service Security Statement

Member Security

For the member's protection of confidential data, we employ several forms of security including Multi-Factor Authentication and Data Encryption.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) requires the user to create and enter a unique APCIRCUIT ID and password to ensure account information is not accessed by unauthorized users. 
    • Members are required to take precautions to ensure their passwords are secure. 
      • Password Rules:
        • Must be between 8 and 20 characters in length
        • Must not repeat the same character more than two times
        • May contain two non-alpha characters
        • Cannot use three previous passwords
        • Cannot match or include your APCIRCUIT ID
      • Do not use obvious passwords such as your birth date or family members' names.
      • Do not give your login information to anyone. If you must write your APCIRCUIT ID or password down, keep it somewhere safe, like a locked drawer. Do not keep this type of information in a vulnerable place, such as your wallet. Do not write down what the ID or password is for.
      • Please note as an added measure of security, the system will prompt you to change your password yearly.
    • First time users will be prompted to select a personal identification image, and three verification questions and answers. You will also be required to create your own password reset question and answer. We recommend that you become familiar with the responses to your selected questions.
      • Anytime you sign in from a non-registered PC or from a different geographic location, you will be prompted to answer the verification questions as an added layer of security.
      • If there is unusual or uncharacteristic activity on your account you will be prompted to answer the verification questions as an added layer of security.
      • Updates on your registered PC may cause you to be prompted to answer your verification questions again. 
      • If you click on the “Forget Password” link you will be required to enter your APCIRCUIT ID, email address on file and email subject. You will then receive an email with a link that will require you to answer the password reset question that you created.
      • After logging into APCIRCUIT go to Settings followed by Personal to modify your password reset question and answer, your personal watermark, and your password.
  • Data Encryption is a process which transposes the information which is sent from our server to your browser in a code that cannot be understood or altered without using a "key." The "key" deciphers the information from our server to display it in your browser. APCIRCUIT requires a minimum of 128-bit encryption. To determine the encryption cipher strength of your browser, open the browser and select HELP from the menu bar. Click on "About Internet Explorer" or "About Netscape Navigator." The version of licensing information will be displayed.

Network Security

The APCIRCUIT server allows member access from the Internet to your account information by running programs that communicate with our main computer. Your account information, personal identification image, and verification questions are not stored on the APCIRCUIT server.