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ATM/Visa Debit Card

ATM/Visa® Debit Cards

ATM CardAPCI Federal Credit Union ATM Card

  • Allows cash withdrawals from Primary Share Savings, Share Draft Checking or Fast Cash Line of Credit at Automated Teller Machines that display the Star®, PLUS® or CO-OP® logos
  • Enables Point of Sale (PIN generated) purchases from Share Draft Checking account at merchants displaying the STAR, PLUS and CO-OP logos; funds must be fully available in the checking account at time of purchase
  • May be issued to accounts with Primary Share access only
  • $1.00 ATM usage fee will post with withdrawals numbering more than 15 in one month
  • Surcharge may be imposed by ATM owners for withdrawals at their machines
  • Cash withdrawal limit is $600 per day
  • Point of sale limit is $300 per day
  • Cash back option available with point of sale transactions

Check out our ATM Locator to find the surcharge free ATMs in your area.

Visa® Debit Card

  • Visa Debit Card Account Updater Service
  • Visa Purchase Alertsenroll for account text messages or emails
  • Visa Debit Card has all the features of the ATM Card with the added advantage of making signature debit purchases from your Share Draft Checking account at merchants worldwide displaying the Visa logo
  • Use your Visa Debit Card to shop and save on the brands you know and love
  • Purchases and Point of sale up to $1,200 a day
  • EMV/chip technology for added security

Lost or Stolen Cards 

To report your card lost or stolen:

During normal business hours:

  • 800 821-5104, press 2

After business hours:

  • ATM/Visa Debit Card Hotline: 888-918-7782
  • APCI eTalk: 800-707-2724

Please Note: To order your replacement card, please call the Credit Union at 800-821-5104 during normal business hours.

For further information please refer to your ATM/Visa Debit Card disclosure.

Traveling away from home? If you are traveling, consider completing our travel notification form and faxing it to the Credit Union at 610-841-2587 or call the Credit Union at 800-821-5104 prior to departure to inform us of your travel plans. The following information will be helpful to our fraud investigators in the event of suspicious activity:

  • Itinerary dates
  • Destination
  • Contact phone number