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History & Mission of APCI Federal Credit Union

What is a Credit Union?

A Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution that exists solely for the benefit of its members. The members are the shareholders or owners. Although Credit Unions offer the same products and services as other financial institutions, they are fundamentally different. Credit Unions are organized to serve a specific group of people with a common bond such as employment or residence. Focusing on specific groups allow Credit Unions to have a thorough understanding of the members and their needs and in turn provide a higher level of service and dedication. All income, after operating expenses and reserved allocations, is returned to the member in the form of higher dividends and lower interest rates on loans.

The History of APCI Federal Credit Union

APCI Federal Credit Union (APCI FCU), founded in 1954, is a federally chartered and insured Credit Union for employees of Air Products, select Air Product subsidiaries, Versum Materials, and members of their immediate family or household. In 1971, the Credit Union reached $1 million in assets and by 1995, $100 million. In 1984 APCI FCU expanded to serve APCI employees and family members located throughout the United States. APCI FCU is located at Air Products' corporate headquarters in Trexlertown PA, currently serving over 18,000 members with over $550 million in assets. Nearly half of our members reside outside of our geographic location with concentrations in Texas, Louisiana and California.

Our Mission

  • Serve as our members' Primary Financial Institution by providing a wide array of financial products and services at attractive prices that meet our members' needs and expectations.
  • Deliver our products and services on a professional and consistent basis and in a responsive, convenient manner.
  • Operate in a financially sound and competitive manner to ensure long term financial strength while safeguarding members' deposits.
  • Provide information that helps educate our members in making informed financial decisions.